Traveling residency 2024

Traveling residency? 
Maybe you’re wondering what is it all about. 

Well, our idea of a traveling residency combines the two best things in the world - printing and travelling!

So, over the course of two weeks, we’re going on a 6-day road trip around our beautiful, gorgeous Bulgaria. We will visit mountains, hot springs, old villages and towns, rivers and caves. We will take you camping, hiking, and bathing in the sun and in the wild springs and rivers. We will head to some of the high-mountain lakes with crystal water, surrounded by magnificent peaks. We will go hunting for that type of sunsets that can only be seen from the top of the mountain. 

The road trip will end at Nopoint with an 8-day intense printing session when everyone will develop their silkscreen or risograph project. 

It is an adventure that we came up with after our long road trip in Europe while working on our Risonate project. During the Risonate road trip, we realized that printing and working with other artists, while also having the time to drive around and explore was a valuable experience. Because it gave us the time to discuss, dream, evaluate, and imagine what we wanted to do without the constant urge to create at the exact moment. 

So this year, we invite 3 artists to join us on a much shorter road trip around Bulgaria to get lost in nature and allow our minds to ease. To get to know ourselves better and get to know new people for the short time that we will share.

And at the end of the road trip, printing will begin.

We could separate the Traveling Residency into two parts: a traveling part and a printing part. 

They will happen in that same order, with traveling beginning on 16 September from Sofia, our capital city. All artists are expected to be there at a given time and place, where we will meet up, pick you up with our van, and head to the mountains.
NB!: It is very important to keep in mind that there is no possibility of postponing the departure, so participants need to make sure to be in Sofia at least a day earlier. We are not going to hold the responsibility if, for any reason, anyone cannot make it to Sofia on 16 September.

After 7 days of Traveling, we will end up at Nopoint to work and share some time creating in the studio. The Residency ends on 30 September, when everyone will head home or maybe to a new adventure. 

Application is open to artists working in all fields of art. Still, coming to a printing studio might be something you want to consider for the project you want to develop at Nopoint. For artists working in illustration, photography, graphics and painting, printmaking might seem pretty straightforward. Yet artists working in the fields of graphic design, sculpture, modern art, theatre, and digital or contemporary art, are more than welcome to explore printmaking as an addition to their usual work technique. 

All rights of the artworks created during the residency stay with the artists and Nopoint is not going to claim any rights. We would love to have a copy or two for our archives, but apart from that, artists are to keep the full edition. 

You can apply through our Application form. Please, make sure that you read and get familiar with the text down bellow, as those are the Terms and Conditions that describe the In-House Residency program. 
Application is open until 01 June 2024. 

The Traveling Residency program is for 2 weeks, between 16 and 30 September 2024. 
Of those 2 weeks, we will spend 7 days traveling and 8 days printing at Nopoint.

  • A 7-day traveling around Bulgaria: 6 nights stay in different locations in Bulgaria. It is going to be a shared type of accommodation in mountain huts, tents, and apartments. We are organising all the sleeping arrangements, and all costs related to that are included in the residency fee.
  • Tents, sleeping bags, mats and other camping equipment for a comfortable stay when sleeping outdoors.
Note: Carrying all those is not included, though! We will all have to help in carrying the equipment from the van to the camping sight. 
  • Gas and transportation from and to Sofia with our van
  • 2-week health insurance for the territory of Bulgaria
Note: We also advise everyone to check options for traveler’s insurance for abroad in their country, as those could also cover luggage losses, fight cancellations, etc. 
  • An 8-day stay at Nopoint Atelier: accommodation in a shared hostel-type room in the house with two other artists
  • All-time access to the studio and use of all equipment to work, produce and experiment with silkscreen or risograph printing
  • All-time access and use of all the shared spaces in the house - the kitchen, the garden, a common room, and a bathroom. There is Wi-Fi in the house.
  • All materials for silkscreen and risograph printing. This includes silkscreen paint, paint base and emulsion, Riso inks, cleaning chemicals, paper, and test paper. 
Note: We do not want to set any restrictions for the participating artists - the type of “you can do/print this and that”. Still, the time and materials that we have calculated are based on the creation of a given silkscreen or risograph edition. 

We will count on artists' common sense to not overuse the materials in the studio and to plan their work so that they can finish their residency with a completed work. And most importantly, one that they are happy with! 

We will be working in the studio for 8 days, so we advise artists to plan their work accordingly.
  • A two-day workshop/training on silkscreen and risograph printing with people from the Nopoint team. When coming to the studio, you will be presented with the whole printing process and understand how silkscreen or riso printing works. You will learn how to work with the studio equipment and get a walkthrough of the process. When you start printing, you will receive guidance and help with the process, while printing yourself.
  • A few bikes to explore the lovely mountain area and find yourself all the breathtaking views
  • Full support regarding the application process, including scheduling, project-specific requirements, travel plans, and information.
  • Assistance with information and an invitation letter for artists seeking grants to secure their funding for the residency program.

  • Food is not covered in the program and artists are responsible to supply and cook for themselves. 
Note: We always encourage and enjoy shared meals and everyone contributing to it with that they can. That will be the case again, during the traveling and the printing part of the residency. At Nopoint, a fully furnished shared kitchen is available for everyone to use. As there is not a shop in the village, we are going to help you with transportation to town for shopping.
  • Transportation costs to Sofia, Bulgaria and back (plane/train/bus tickets, visas, etc.), and artists are responsible for covering for it. 
  • Very specific materials, that you might need. Keep in mind that we are in a small village close to a small Bulgarian town, and materials are limited to the very basics. If you would like to use specific markers, brushes, etc, while working on your project, we advice to make sure you bring them along. 
  • Any shipping costs of artwork, paper, or other materials, created during the residency. 
  • Artists to work on a creative project during their stay at the studio.
  • Artists to take care of the space and equipment while they reside in Nopoint. This means cleaning after yourself, leaving the common areas neat, and adapting to the specifics of the house. It is an old house and there are some things that we need to keep in mind while we live there, but no worries, nothing too stressful!
  • Participants to be able and ready to go on 3-4 hours hikes, carrying all their luggage
  • The places that we will visit are not going to be announced, but it is expected for everyone to bring hiking shoes and equipment, a swimming suit, a sun hat, and small camping equipment like a headlight, a towel, a raincoat, or mosquito repellent and sunscreen cream. Of course, you are welcome to bring anything else that you would like, just keep in mind that some of the time we will have to carry our luggage around. So, a nice comfortable backpack should be the size of it. An option is to have another suitcase or bag with other belongings, that will just stay in the van while we go hiking around.
The Traveling Residency fee is 1500 EUR. Upon acceptance, participants must deposit 50% of the Residency fee to secure their place. If residency is canceled by the artist, the deposit will not be refunded. The full amount of the Residency fee should be paid 2 weeks before the start of the residency.

If you have any questions about the programs that we develop, get in touch with us via email at print [at]